Cameroon – May peace reign in our land!

(In memory of the victims of this senseless war in our land)

“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings glad tidings, announcing peace.” Is 52:7.

 Hear, O leaders of this Land of Promise, Land of Glory!

To you, I say, “Listen to the Lord of peace calling on you to halt this senseless war. Enough blood has been spilled in our land already!”

Hear, O self-styled “liberators” of my people!

To you, I also say, “Hear the voice of peace in the words our Lord speaks. Refrain from listening to the confused voices of the gods of destruction, the gods of kidnappings, the gods of killings whom you have been serving and worshipping.”

To you, O rulers of this Land of Promise, Land of Glory!

To you, I say, let the light and beautiful feet of the Messenger of Peace run across the ridges of our land, announcing the return of our people from internal and external exile.

Across the Fako mountain, through the Manenguba highlands; from the Korup forests of Mundemba, up the hills of the Bamenda highlands and to the rolling, majestic and magnificent hills of my Nsoland unto Nkambe and beyond, let the Messenger of Peace run, freely and unimpeded.

Yes, give the Messenger of Peace a chance to run across the ridges of our land, like in the days of the prophet Isaiah, announcing that, at long last, salvation has come to our land and that our exiled sons and daughters are coming back home, for good.

Again to you, I say, stop this murderous war! Drill the word peace into our hearts, minds and souls so that we may, once more, live together in peace, in love and in harmony as one people. Embrace our Lord’s injunction to the people of Israel and engrave peace on the doorposts of our homes and on the gates of our cities (Dt 6:9) as a sign that never again shall brother shed brother’s blood in this land; that peace may find a home forever in this Land of Promise, Land of Glory! Amen.




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