Where has my star gone?

(A lament for the loss of a star from the Cameroonian flag).

Can anyone, please kindly tell me where my star has gone?

The star of my identity that once adorned my flag,

my two-star-studded flag that has been fluttering over my land

for the past over three-score years. Oh, where has my star gone?

In vain, have I searched for my star, the star of my identity,

My star on my once two-star-studded flag,

My flag that has been twisting and turning in the winds over my land

For the past over three-score years;

That star is no more. Oh, where has it gone?

The Three Wise Men from the Orient, the Magi,

Came in pursuit of the Star of Bethlehem,

The Star that disappeared as soon as they reached the putrefied surroundings

In which bathed Herod and his sycophants.

But as soon as the Magi emerged from

The grips of Herod’s intrigue-ridden surroundings,

There, before them went the Star that came to rest over the spot;

The divine spot wherein lay the Redeemer, the King of the Universe.

Did my own star, the star of my identity, also vanish from

My two-star-studded flag because it stoked the embers

Of fear in the hearts of the “herods” of my land?

That dastardly deed was committed in 1984?

Would someone kindly tell me where my own star has gone?

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